The Liebster Award.

22 Mar


I woke up this morning to a lovely little (and unexpected!) surprise – a nomination from Sarah Ryan for a Liebster Award! I’m new to the blogging-world so I am extremely grateful and excited that someone has enjoyed reading the words, experiences and photographs I have shared. Thank you, Sarah! :)

The rules for this award can be found by clicking on the link.

11 facts about myself:

  • It took me 3 attempts to pass my drivers license (I can drive, nerves just got the better of me!) :)
  • I am a huge Greys Anatomy fan.
  • I have a degree in Political Science, Philosophy & Economics. And another in Marketing.
  • My great grandfather illustrated Roberts Bird Book.
  • I am terrified of snakes.
  • I love chocolate.
  • I dyed my hair orange (accidentally) whilst living in Oxford and couldn’t afford to dye it back…
  • I want to start my own business one day.
  • My nickname is Kitty.
  • I prefer red wine to white.
  • I love the outdoors!
  • Answers to Sarah’s questions:

    1. Mountains, beach or city?
    Beach. I love the beach. But I love the mountains too. Tough choice – but if I had to choose, it would be the beach.

    2. Favourite travel book?
    I don’t have a favourite travel book – too many to choose from! I’m reading “Extreme Money” by Satyajit Das at the moment and really enjoying it.

    3. If you could only travel to one more destination where would it be?
    East Africa. I’m dying to explore this part of the world – especially Kenya.

    4. Best luggage packing tip?
    Invest in a suitcase which has both wheels and a backpack option…

    5. Do you offset your carbon when travelling, or would you (why or why not)?
    I try my best to do my part for the environment and remind others around me to do the same. I try to save water, switch off the lights and throw away litter I find on the beach/street. Being in Thailand has made me realize how little people appreciate the environment… Beaches are often left littered with bottles, packets and plastic.

    6. How do you commemorate your travels (photo album, scrap book, ornaments, paintings….)?
    Photographs. I normally frame a few special ones and put a selection in an album. I do enjoy putting all my photographs on a disk and browsing through them every now and then! When I left South Africa, I bought a few disposable cameras which I cannot wait to develop when I get back home next year! :)

    7. What tech do you use whilst travelling (phone, camera, tablet, gps…)?
    My iPhone and camera. My phone has been an amazing investment! It has allowed me to add blog posts, take amazing photographs which I can upload instantly and have access to a GPS.

    8. Where are you planning to travel to this year?
    Laos, Cambodia, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. And maybe Australia and New Zealand :)

    9. What is your favourite mode of transport and why?
    Currently, I would have to say anything with air conditioning! So a car/taxi. Thailand is hot!! :) But I have really enjoyed driving around on a motorcycle on the islands.

    10. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
    Cape Town – home is where the heart is! It offers a little bit of everything – from incredible beaches, mountains and natural beauty to restaurants, night life and shopping. Ideally, I want to live in Cape Town and then move to Wilderness – a small town on the coast, about 450km from Cape Town. I have a lot of special memories in this town and would love to live there one day…

    11. Recommend to us the blog post you are most proud of and tell us why.
    I would say, “just keep swimming”. I wrote it at a time when I realized that things do not always go according to plan (something everyone learns at some point whilst traveling).

    Since starting my blogging-journey, I have thoroughly enjoyed the following blogs and therefore nominate them for a Liebster Award :)

  • Travels with Kate
  • le pirate
  • KU tripfeed
  • Little Red Jenn
  • The Stave Diaries
  • My questions for you…

  • Favourite season and why?
  • Five words that best describe you?
  • If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
  • Do you prefer traveling alone or with a partner/friend?
  • Favourite city?
  • Do you have a certain saying/quote that inspires you? What is it?
  • Burger or pizza?
  • When traveling, what is the one thing you never leave home without?
  • Do you have a favourite book or author?
  • What do you miss most about home when traveling?
  • Would you rather sky dive or go shark cage diving?
  • Once again, thank you Sarah for the nomination – your blog is brilliant and I highly recommend it to fellow bloggers and readers.



    3 Responses to “The Liebster Award.”

    1. BeWithUs March 24, 2013 at 12:30 am #

      Congratulations~ Cheers!! :D

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