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Just keep swimming.

18 Mar

On the eve of spending 5 weeks in Thailand, here is a quick update on our adventure…

I would love to say money can’t buy you happiness, but in our case, that would be taking optimism to a whole new level. Traveling is not cheap. Yes, you can reduce meal sizes, live in a dorm, not have a western toilet but there are only so many peanut butter and chip sandwiches, rowdy room mates and bucket-flushes one can endure… To carry on enjoying this amazing country, we need cash! :)

We came to Thailand unemployed, with the plan being to use our TEFL certificates and secure a teaching post at a school in an area we would enjoy. Being Thai travel-virgins, we made the decision to find a job after seeing a town for ourselves rather than signing a contract over the Internet. Well, we fell in love with Koh Samui. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the idea of working on an island, soaking up sandy shores, surrounded by pure beauty every day? So, dressed with smiles, a decent CV and bundles of enthusiasm, off we went. We tried. Boy, did we try. We spent a full day driving around the island (in long pants and closed shoes – a scorcher to say the least) dropping off CVs at every possible school and language centre… And then, we waited. And waited. And waited.


After two weeks of waiting for a response, we changed tactics. We realized that we cannot go on for much longer with the uncertainty of employment lingering over our heads. So, with our egos slightly bruised, we took the next logical route and sent our information (apprehensively) off to schools in Bangkok. The demand for teachers is far greater there and, although it does not fit the idealist, picturesque setting we envisioned, we need a job and cannot afford to let opportunities surpass us. The last few days haven’t been easy and it has taken some time to readjust our mindset to city life rather than island life but receiving positive feedback has boosted our confidence and we are, once again, ready for the next chapter…


Although things are not yet finalized, we are now ready to take on Bangkok and experience what it is like to live in this incredible (for so many reasons) city. We came here to have an adventure so why not tweak the story a bit, add some spice and make the most of, what’s bound to be, an adventure of note! My little message for the day…



The Land of Smiles

12 Mar

So, after a month of traveling and getting a whisper of what Thailand is about, I figured it was about time I stop thinking about writing a blog and actually start one… My boyfriend and I are a young Cape Town couple. With university conquered, TEFL certificates in the bag and a desire to get lost some place beautiful, we booked our flights and came to Thailand.

Here goes my attempt at sharing our adventure!


Evelina Galli


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